Important Sportsbook Terms Players Need to Understand

Important Sportsbook Terms Players Need to Understand – Having an understanding of various types of basic general information in online sportsbook gambling is indeed a player’s obligation. In the world of soccer gambling, there will be lots of terms that will make you gasp because you are confused about what these words mean. It’s a good idea before you place a bet or play soccer gambling, you first understand the meaning of the terms in soccer betting / soccer gambling


Over/under or big/small of the number of goals in the match. refer to the picture above for the over/under market Atalanta vs AC Milan.

Over/Under markets are 2.5-3 balls. This means that if you bet over, you are declared to win if the number of goals is at least 3 or more (for a total of 3 goals, if you bet over, only half won). If you bet under, you are declared a winner if the number of goals does not exceed 2 goals you are declared a full win (if there are 3 goals in the match, you are declared to lose half)

For over/under khi multiplication is the same as khei calculation in Handicap.

1×2 (Home win, Draw, Away Win)

1×2 is the odds for guessing win, draw or lose.

For example you look at the column for the match Atalanta vs AC Milan in the 1×2 section. Written for:

1 (home) atlanta = 5.40

2 (away) AC Milan = 1.57

x (Draw/series) = 4.2

If you take AC Milan, you must click the number 1.57, then enter the bet value for example 100 credit. If AC Milan’s Final Score is 2-1, then the calculation method is as follows: (1.57-1) x 100 = 57. So your pure win is 57 (For the calculation of all ODDS wins, you must first deduct 1, then multiply the AMOUNT OF BET/ STAKES)

If you take HOME / Atalanta, please click ODDS 5.40, then enter the bet value for example 100 credits. If the score ends for Atalanta Wins (eg Atalanta won 1-0), then the calculation method is as follows: (5.40-1) X 100 = 440 credits. It means your win is 440 credits (Rp 440,000,-)

If you DRAW, please click ODDS 4.2, then enter the judi bola88 bet value for example 100 credits. If the score ends for a SERIES score (example: Atalanta 2-2 AC Milan) , then the calculation method is as follows: (4.2-1) X 100 = 320 credits. It means your win is 320 credits (Rp 320,000,-)


Odd / Even (Odd / even), we only choose the final result of the match the number of goals for both teams is odd or even. The result 0-0 is expressed as an EVEN number (EVEN). The kei calculation is the same as the HDP.

In making a bet, each member must really pay attention to the handicap, hey, whether you bet for FULLTIME or HALFTIME, after you click on the odds, on the left side of the screen your bet information will appear, and pay attention in detail, just enter the amount of your bet, and press ENTER / Click SUBMIT. Your bet is declared valid if your bet status is RUNNING.

For more detailed information, if you experience difficulties, you can contact customer service who will serve all your questions about how to bet on soccer.

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Regulate Fund Spending in Online Slot Gambling

Regulate Fund Spending in Online Slot Gambling – You need to pay attention to when you play online slot gambling games, you need to pay attention to avoid big losses. Online slot games consist of the most attractive virtual machines. The machine is colorful and eye-catching. In the casino itself, the slot machine is the strongest attraction and the icon of casino gambling. Loud sounds with millions of rupiah produced make anyone feel at home playing for a long time. Especially if you have got the jackpot, the online slot bettor himself can definitely get rich right away. To win this game requires great luck. Even so, betting strategies are also very important in maximizing the chances of winning and playing longer.

Manage Capital

Be careful in using capital. When playing online slots, usually the site will only provide information about the capital limit. While not all sites tell the payout percentage for each machine. When there is no information about this, you still have to look for information through customer service. The percentage with the best chance of winning is in the range of 80% to 98%. When playing, try to choose a joker88 slot machine that has the highest payout percentage to increase your chances of winning.

Knowing Your Limits

Before playing, determine the loss limit and win limit at the betting table. If you have managed to win a certain amount, just stop and immediately withdraw your winnings. But if you are losing, you can still aim for victory if you have not reached the losing limit. But if you feel you are losing constantly, it’s better not to force it, stop for a moment or play another game at another time.

Making an Online Slot Game Plan

When going to play online slot gambling games on a site, determine a long-term plan regarding how long to spend playing. This will affect the arrangement of funds later. Determine how many rounds are in each game. And choose the machine with the largest percentage value. Divide your total funds by the game, then divide the hourly figure by how long the betting plan has been made. This plan can also tell you how much you lost and won in each game.

Create Another Backup Plan

When you dive into online slot gambling games, you may be surprised at how quickly your funds run out. As long as you play with a full balance, you will always be interested in increasing chips continuously. Especially with the excitement of slot games that will hypnotize everyone. To anticipate the occurrence of funds running out instantly, then make some backup plans. Don’t use all your bet money just to play at one time. Set a timer alarm to limit playing time and capital spent. You can also ask colleagues to remind you.

Immediately Withdraw

When you have won from an online slot game, immediately withdraw the winning money. Do not let you silence it until it is finally used again as capital. Play only with the first bet according to your plan. That way your game still gives results and doesn’t play out of plan.

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