What’s The Difference Between Smart People and Smart People?

What’s The Difference Between Smart People and Smart People ? -Many people think that smart and intelligent are the same thing. In fact, smart and intelligent are two different things.Smart people are smart people. However, intelligent people are shrewd and careful in seeing things.In intelligence there is intelligence. Whereas in intelligence, there is not necessarily intelligence.Well, so you don’t misinterpret the meaning between smart people and intelligent people, the following will explain the difference. Curious? Come on, just take a look!

1. Smart people because they hone their skills, smart people because they are born

The first difference is that intelligence is something that a person gets after birth because of abilities that are honed by learning. That is why smart people are often associated with lessons or science because they hone it by memorizing and remembering what theory has been learned and it requires a certain process and time. In contrast to intelligent people who are innate and possessed by a person, similar to talents and abilities. talent from birth. If you are curious about the level of intelligence you have, you can find out through an IQ test.

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  2. How to think

Furthermore, the way of thinking of smart people and intelligent people is also quite different, here. Smart people tend to answer questions or respond to a statement according to the knowledge they have learned. In addition, smart people also think longer in doing things in detail so that they can make mature decisions.However, intelligent people have a critical way of thinking according to experience. In addition, in answering questions they tend to use logic. In thinking, intelligent people think shorter than smart people. But that does not mean intelligent people are careless, yes! They think short because they want to spend more time acting and trying to get things done.

3.  Nature that Have

In terms of the nature possessed, smart people have a disciplined and orderly nature. Similarly, students who rank first in their class must of course be disciplined and
regularly in studying and doing school assignments so that they can achieve good grades.While intelligent people are creative and flexible, they prefer to do things by making new innovations from the ideas they have.Intelligent people are also flexible which means they prefer to do things casually, but this doesn’t mean they take things for granted. Relaxed here means flexible, i.e. they are easier to adjust and find alternatives that are faster in solving them.

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