Know the Great Benefits of Running in the Morning

Know the Great Benefits of Running in the Morning

Know the Great Benefits of Running in the Morning – Running in the morning is one sport that is easy to do without being complicated, so running can be a consideration. The benefits of running in the morning quite a lot. Running in the morning can be a sport to welcome the day with more enthusiasm. The air that is still fresh and light from the police will add to the enthusiasm for running in the morning. Moreover, running is one of the most popular sports and does not require a lot of money. Besides being easy to do, running in the morning has a myriad of benefits. Both for health and beauty.

Jogging is often defined as running at a speed of less than 6 miles. Jogging can actually be done anytime, but many people choose jogging in the morning. The morning air is still fresh and light from pollution, making the benefits of jogging in the morning even more healthy. The benefits of jogging can improve sleep quality, improve mood and prevent chronic diseases.
The main goal of jogging is to maintain the tempo of the movement without causing too much strain on the body.

A number of studies say running around 6-8 in the morning will lower blood pressure. While running at 7 in the morning will help make you sleep better. If you are worried about getting up late, the benefits of running at 10 am is still good to do. As long as the air is still clean. At least do it for 12 minutes or more.

It is known that the main purpose of running in the morning is to maintain the tempo of the movement, without causing too much tension. However, the owner of certain health conditions should consult first.

Make this a light exercise routine to get the most out of your morning run. Especially in the current pandemic era, apart from getting the benefits of sunbathing, you can boost your immune system.

Benefits of jogging in the morning for health

Sleep well at night

Research has shown that light exercise in the morning such as jogging will help a person to sleep better in the morning. Reporting from Livestrong, a 2014 study published in the journal Vascular Health and Risk Management, found that morning exercise contributed to more time in deep sleep than afternoon or evening exercise.

Another study, published in the 2017 issue of Sleep Medicine, showed that morning exercise appears to be particularly beneficial for improving sleep quality for people who have trouble falling asleep.

Boost energy

Exercising in the morning can increase stamina to carry out daily activities. The benefits of jogging in the morning can make the brain more focused with higher energy generated. When you jog, your body releases hormones called endorphins that help lift your spirits and make you feel positive about yourself. This will make you feel calm and refreshed right after jogging.

Reducing High Blood Pressure

Daily exercise is known to reduce high blood pressure. However, the study of Vascular Health and Risk Management shows the benefits of running every day is much better.

Morning jog was able to lower diastolic blood pressure more at night for a group of pre-hypertensive subjects, reducing cardiobascular pressure.

Keep Heart Health

Running will make the leg muscles work and improve their function. Not only that, the heart will also work in pumping blood to meet the needs of nutrients and oxygen for the muscles used for running.

If you run in the morning every day, the heart will be trained to continue to work well so that it makes the heart condition healthier than an untrained heart.

Cholesterol deposits in the heart blood vessels can also be reduced by running in the morning regularly. The benefits of running in the morning every day can help reduce the risk of heart and blood vessel diseases due to bad cholesterol deposits such as coronary heart disease.

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Take Care of Lung Health

In the morning, the air is still very clean with the highest oxygen content. Especially when you run, the body will need more oxygen by increasing the frequency of breathing and breathing more oxygen-rich air into the lungs.

This is what makes the lungs will be healthier.

Maintain Muscle Health and Strength

Muscles become an important part of the body, which when stimulated to a certain degree and regularly. Then it will be better to improve his abilities.
When the muscles are used to run every morning, then he will adapt. Then the muscles form a denser mass, store more energy reserves, and are stronger than before.

Increase self-esteem and self-confidence

The benefits of running are not only for physical health and organs, but also have a positive effect on psychological conditions. This sport can provide a sensation of freedom and self-strengthening because the feet are constantly stepping and running.
Experts have concluded, participating in physical activity and running is directly correlated with increasing self-esteem. In general, too, physical activity increases positive perception and body image.

Improve mood

Along with relieving stress, another benefit of exercise is that it helps improve mood. Studies have found that running can relieve symptoms of anxiety and mood disorders.

Overcoming Constipation

Regular morning runs are also beneficial for your digestive system. This is because the muscles that move when running are able to move the abdominal muscles and stimulate bowel movements.

The benefits of running in the morning for the digestive system are also very helpful for those of you who have bowel problems. By running, you do not need to take chemical drugs. Because there is a natural way that you can use to overcome it, namely by running in the morning.

Increase Endurance

Running can increase the body’s metabolism and running can also trigger the growth of the body’s defense cells. The formation of these immune cells is very good in helping the body ward off viruses, bacteria, parasites, fungi, and so on that make a person easily sick.

Therefore, getting used to running in the morning will make the body stronger and not get sick easily.